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AVB正式宣佈!! 我們開台了!!



大家好👋🏻!歡迎來到 AVB 的專頁!


AVB 是一個全新的影音資訊平台,希望成為專業影音界與大眾的橋樑,為大家帶來專業影音產品的開箱📦、評測💯等等,同時亦會分享一些日常生活用到或者現代辦公室、會議室會用到的產品介紹和解決困難的小方法等等。希望透過AVB讓大家可以知道更多,從而在眾多影音產品之中,找到適合您需求的產品或方案。

未來,AVB的 YouTube、Instagram和Facebook 會定期有 Made in Hong Kong 的專業分享,立即Follow我們吧~


Hello👋🏻! Welcome to the page of AVB!

We are glad to announce that AVB is now launching!

AVB is a brand new audio-visual information platform. We hope to be the bridge between Audio-Visual industry and the public. AVB is going to bring you information about professional audio-visual product from business to everyday-life, which Includes unboxing, review, brand interviews, tips and hacks, etc.

Follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for more original content that is Made in Hong Kong!

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