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AVB 影音橋 |影音知多啲| AVB 是?

我們為何會叫自己做AVB? AVB究竟可以做到甚麼?

AVB 其實是影音界的新興標準,全名為 Audio Video Bridging - 影音橋接技術,以Lan 線連接影音設備,同IT 系統融合,令影視同音訊同步串流,在影音界實現數位轉型。

想了解更多AVB如何將IT同影音連接,就不要錯過!Why we name our YouTube Channel as AVB? What can AVB deliver?

AVB is the abbreviation of Audio Video Bridging, an emerging standard in the AV industry. It involves connecting audio devices with Lan cables, merging with IT system together that enables streaming of audio and video and achieving Digital Transformation.

Check out the video to learn more about how AVB Standard bring the change to the IT and AV industry and connect them together.

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