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  • 作家相片AVB 影音橋

AVB 影音橋 X POLY|人類首次登陸月球使用的通訊科技品牌|POLY VOYAGER 系列|產品分享|高質素的通話體驗


POLY 是由Plantronics 及Polycom 合併而成的影音品牌,為用家提供優質的語音及視像通話設備。當中Voyager系列耳機以其出色的降噪技術而為人熟知。今天小編為大家開箱兩款最受歡迎的耳機型號,分別為Voyager 5200UC 降噪藍牙耳機及 Focus2 立體聲藍牙耳機,一起來看看實測結果吧。


Poly, born from the merge of Plantronics and Polycom, always dedicates themselves to provide the best audio and video calling devices for customers, and its Voyager Series is well-known for its incredible noise cancellation technology. In this video, we will unbox the two most popular Voyager headsets, the Voyager 5200UC and the Voyager Focus 2. Let's find out!


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